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    XH cloud POS as a mobile payment POS equipment, integrated magnetic card, IC, 13.56, qr code, the second generation id card certification is a body comprehensive pay equipment, make full use of the Android powerful extension, O2O closed-loop function of innovation, is a new financial instruments of the era of mobile Internet. XH has now opened a desktop version of the cloud POS, a handheld version and an industrial version of three models to meet the needs of different types of businesses.

  • Card Issuance

    The card-issuing equipment
    XH card-issuing equipment is XH card personalized instant cloud indispensable part of the credit card scheme, but also provide customers with a single service such equipment, such as S3000 instant convex word hairpin, S3500 instant hairpin, SS01 self-service card/self-service card exchange equipment, etc

  • Instant Card Issuance Equi... XH Instant Card Issuance equipment is an in-branch card issuance equipment for bank card instant issuance, which will enable your branch bank to instantly personalize and issue paymentcards in real time. 
  • Self-service Card Issuance... Xmart 360 is a cost effective system which can support instant issuance of allkinds of financial IC cards, social security cards, membership cards, campuscard, refueling cards and other cards.
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