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    XH OS

    XH – Almach is our series of self developed SIM product brand. XH - Almach α is our entry level SIM offer and built on Native platform which fully compliant with GSM standard and 2G authentication. XH - Almach β is our high level SIM offer and built on secure Java platform which fully compliant with GSM, ETSI/3GPP, Global Platform and Java standard. XH – Almach has  been widely deployed in more than 70 countries over 100 operators. 

    XH – Mirach isour series of certified EMV product brand. XH- Mirach α is our entry range contact product offer supporting online authentication which is tailor made for Pure Online markets, ATM/Debit Card and Prepaid Card markets. XH- Mirach  β  is our mid range contact product offer supporting DDAor CDA authentication which is tailor made for both Online and Offline markets. XH- Mirach  γ is our high range Dual Interface product offer supporting DDA or CDA authentication which is tailor made for both Online and Offline markets, Contactless Payment and Multi Segments (Transport + Payment). 

  • XH Chip Packing Product Based on customers requirement, XH can provide multiple chip packing products.
  • XH Payment COS The XH PBOC 3.0 COS system is a high-security, high-performance, low-power financial smart card operating system developed on the basis of proven technology standards and complying with CUP standards and incorporating multiple security algorithms. Ca...
  • XH SIM COS XH – Almach is our own developed SIM product brand. It is fully compliant with the latest GSM, ETSI/3GPP, Global Platform and other international standards. XH – Almach has been widely deployed in more than 70 countri...
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