Payment Card Applications

Release Time:2015/9/16 18:38:29

XH financial IC card conforms to ISO/IEC series international standard, EMV specification and UICS specification, which can be widely used in finance, insurance, transportation, social security, public service charge and other fields.Financial IC card, also known as chip bank card, is the chip as the medium of the bank card.Paid by commercial Banks (credit unions), or institutions issued, USES the integrated circuit technology, following the country's financial industry standards, with consumer credit, transfer and settlement, cash access to all or part of the financial function, can have other business services and social management functions of financial instruments.Chip card capacity is big, can store the information such as keys, digital certificate, fingerprints, its working principle is similar to a microcomputer, able to handle a variety of functions at the same time, provide cardholders with the convenience of one card is multi-purpose.


Product specification 

XH as a full qualification card and supporting service providers, to meet customer demand and financial security under the condition of double requirements, comply with the development of the unity of more than one card holders, card, using dual chip technology to load at the same time (card not contact with the contact chip), contact chip can be used to implement social security, financial applications, such as contactless chip can be used to implement bus, micropayments, tickets and other applications.While providing safe and reliable financial transactions, we provide service to meet customer's various needs.You can contact us directly according to the following list and your requirements:


Multiple common platforms:Java Static Java Global Platform Multos

A variety of communication interfaces: contact, non-connection, double interface three communication modes

Multiple authentication methods: SDA (Static Data Authentication) DDA (Dynamic Data Authentication) CDA (Combined Data Authentication)... 

Different capacity space: can provide 8K ~ 240K different capacity

 Support security a card multi-purpose: and provide multiple security access methods and permissions

Multiple file types: and multiple security protection mechanisms

Support the latest applications: UICS, QuickPass, VSDC, PayWave, M/Chip, PayPass, J/Smart, ExpressPay and others