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ETC Card

Release Time:2015/9/16 18:38:29

1. Description:
The "ETC" (ElectronicTollCollection) is the most advanced highway bridge charging system in the world. It USES the vehicle electronic tag (OBU) that is mounted on the windshield of the vehicle to use the background clearing and microwave communication system to realize the automatic deduction of the tolls.
XH traffic ETC card mainly for automotive electronic tags (the OBU), installed in a vehicle on-board electronic label on the windscreen (the OBU) for reading and communication tools, through access to the ETC system, the cost can be automatically deduct, implement the national ETC pay toll highway vehicles without a stop.


2. Specifications:

Support state secret algorithm
Support line encryption, line protection function, prevent communication data stolen or tampered
Supports 32K/8K storage capacity
Support T=0 and T= 1, support TYPE A/TYPE B
The EEPROM was wiped out with a life of > million times
Data is saved >20 years